briL.I.F.E. Programs

Parent Stress Training (PST):

PST is a program designed using the "Nurturing Parenting" cirriculum to enrich the group member's parenting skills by teaching the parent anger and stress management techniques and skills in nurturing self and children. These classes are being offered weekly in various locations. Please contact our office to sign up to the next availiable class.


Lifetime Affect Management Program (LAMP):

LAMP is a 6-week program for school-aged chidren that teaches emotions management, empathy training and conflice resolusion skills. The objective is to teach students new skills so that they do not resort to violence at home or in school. This program is taught in group session. Please contact our office to inquire of the next availiable class being offered.


Students Winning Against Greif (SWAG):

SWAG is a  6 week program designed for children as well as their family (if parents and other family members wish to be involved) to help them understand how to respond to greif in a healthy way as well as to guide them through the griving process. Please contact our office to schedule a time to meet with one of our counselors to begin this process.


Anti-Bulling Campaign (ABC):

ABC is a program designed to stop adolescent bulling. briLIFE is committed to assist schools, churches and families in providing pshcho-educational training on dealing with anger and teaching students basic coping skills to processing their emotions appropriately. We teach basis understandings of respect for oneself and respect for others. For more information on our ABC program, please contact our office.


The Matrix Model Drug and Alcohol Addiction Program:

The Matrix Model is an intensive Outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment program that is comprehensive, evedence-based comprising sixteen weeks of individual or group session. The Matrix Model, which has over 20 years of research behind it, is one ot the best Ingegrated Substance Abuse Programs today. Please contact our office for more information on how you or your loved one can begin the process to recovery.


briLIFE is availiable for community awareness program susch as Health Fairs, Community Agencies Events, Medical Facilities and Houses of Worship. 


briLIFE is a partner with Youth Counseling Services and Family Matters Bradley located in Cleveland, TN


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